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welcome to dstnce.

a platforming adventure game where you work your day job, clean up your room, look after your plant, and so much more as you try to get by one step at a time. it is what you make of it, so make the most of it.

now featured on the escapist !

dstnce includes exciting features such as:

  • jumping
  • landing
  • ~ w i g g l y e y e s ~
  • incredibly advanced chatbot ai
  • a dynamic soundtrack (this is where all the budget went, no joke)
  • rubber duck

please look after yourself and those around you, and please enjoy.
a solo project by daniel coady

Release date Dec 15, 2020
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(27 total ratings)
Authordaniel coady
GenreAdventure, Platformer
Made withUnity, Inkscape
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, Interactive tutorial


Buy Now$3.00 AUD or more

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i love this game. feels like such a perfect encapsulation of just... everything. it's clear that being in lockdown must have inspired a lot of this game, but somehow it holds up even better now that lockdown is over - it's symptomatic of a new normal, but one that's more cynical and socially hesitant than the one we had before. some commenters have critiqued the game saying that it's repetitive, but i think that's precisely the point.

definitely worth the $3!


Man, this was wack. I may play it again a few times to try to analyse what happened. It seems like pink dude has pretty serious depression--or schizophrenia. Judging by the lack of conversation in the last "chat with your friends" part, either the friend ended themself or pink dude has been distancing himself. Pink dude has a number of strange visions, possibly hallucinations, leading it down the schizo path. However, this could also be looked at in a drastically different way: an apocalypse has come upon the world, and pink dude is trying to ignore everything happening. The friend was taken by the apocalypse, and by the end, pink dude was taken too. Overall, this game was beautiful, from the art style to the googly eyes to the wack story. Beautiful job, creator.


My only complaint with this game is that you cannot water the plant while also standing on top of the plant.


I get that it's an open-ended 'what you make of it' game, I'm just not really sure what I should feel or why I'm crying.  


the chat is too real


wow this really makes me think and have deeply philosophically deeply deepy deep thoughts wow i feel so smart oh my god i am albert einstein


Great game to play while having existential thoughts, 10/10


I like this game. I spend more quality Time with my family now. 


this is how social distancing feels lol


Interesting little game. A worthy experience.


this felt like a psychological horror where the pink guy begins to expierence events that he cannot explain, like the black stuff on his walls, his room flipping upside down and the black cloud, so to cope he focuses on his daily routine trying to ignore everything around him until it eventually takes a toll on him

LOL I like this thought so much xD


I really enjoyed this game! It was really cute, but also really made me think.




I love this, it’s a bit sad but it’s 10/10! Keep it up!


Go on little block man. Live a good life.


Really loved playing this game! The art style is so cute and while I do enjoy doing the tasks, it sometimes gets a bit repetitive. I actually have a lot of theories regarding the ending and gist of the game. But in the end, I enjoyed playing this.


I mean.. some people can't handle being left on read


Very interesting. Love the open endedness and the art style. Would suggest adding a little bit of variety to the tasks as they get repetitive, but overall 10/10.


Did the friends get taken over by the black stuff? And did the pink dude kill himself at the end? I'm kinda confused. I really liked the game, though! It was really relaxing and fun!

ultimately whatever you think happened, happened as far as i'm concerned. your interpretation is valid, as is anyone else's. all i'm here to do is provide the playground for which your mind runs wild. thanks heaps for playing, and i'm glad you enjoyed it !


I enjoyed it. It was very thought provoking especially the end bit.

thanks heaps for playing! glad you found it thought provoking :)


I couldn't finish the game. The game glitched when I was trying to chat but I walked away at the same time, so my mate never came online.

i'm sorry you experienced that. i've just uploaded a new build of the game that should fix some niggling bugs left in the game, so hopefully that should help you finish it if you'd like to give it another shot! all the same, really appreciate you giving dstnce a go :)


I watched the ending from the video posted, so I think I'm satisfied. I enjoyed the experience I had.

glad to hear it!


I love it! Its so relaxing. Art is beautiful too!

awh you're too kind <3 glad you enjoyed !


I had fun playing this. I was scared at times for some reason. The music is ominous. The dream sequences are really cool. I will say the minigames are kind of repetitive and not very fun. The graphics and sound are awesome though. Keep up the good work!

hey, thanks for checking out my game! means a lot to me that you gave it the time of day to see it through to the end :)